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The rain has dried up our bodies again.
Demons are waiting us on black coffins.
We can’t float here forever.
Eternal love won't be however.
We don’t know how it began our noctambulant trip.
But those red eyes nightly stopped to breathe.
It won’t be easy, but like ashes someday we should fly.
(We should fly…)

You should fly.
I would fly.
And drive fast
To the past.
You should take
The alive dream
To the holy place
And try to live it.

Rainy night.
Wet paper.
Feel alive and
Run like hell, baby
Rotting meat.
We’ve lost space.
It smells to disgrace
Or is a funny grace?

Get out and fly.
Get out and fly. I’ll be there.

Don’t be just a picture, baby.
Ashes floats on the zombie ambient.
Won't be a dead picture nightly.
Won’t be here, in a photo only.

Get out and fly.
I’ll be there with you.

The past awaits us.


from Noctambulant, released September 27, 2013




Aneural Illescas, Spain

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